Canoe and Kayaks

Choosing a kayak is similar to choosing a canoe. Both move through the water powered by a paddle and both are used for similar activities. But there are several differences. To begin with, you are using a double-bladed paddle, allowing for easier correction and extra speed. And you are sitting much closer to the water, which gives you better stability and allows for a narrower, lighter craft.

Like canoes, it is important to remember that no single kayak can do everything. So choosing the right one for you means first coming up with an honest idea of how you intend to use your kayak. There are a lot of designs out there and some will fit your needs much better than others. Perhaps it might help to break down your intended usage into percentages, such as 80% lake paddling, 10% fishing, 10% ocean day trips.

Kayak types

We've organized our line of kayaks into four distinct categories to help you decide which is best for you:

General Recreation
User friendly kayaks for those who just want to get out on the water. General Recreation kayaks are stable and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for quiet water paddling on lakes, ponds and class I rivers.

Recreational Touring
These versatile kayaks offer good stability and improved tracking and efficiency. Large open cockpits permit easy entry and exit, and allow you to stretch your legs as well as stow your gear. Recreational Touring kayaks are a great choice for sportsmen, or simply an enjoyable way to get the family on the water.

Day Touring
Day Touring kayaks are designed to efficiently cover long distances and carry large amounts of gear. This sleek class of kayak fits the needs of kayak campers, those taking longer day trips and paddling large bodies of water. More technical than recreational kayaks, their decreased initial stability and maneuverability allows for increased secondary stability and speed.

Old Town has introduced the Predator Series to give serious hunters and fishermen a kayak specifically designed for sporting use. Lightweight and extremely stable, they're packed with features to make life easier and more enjoyable on hunting and fishing excursions.

When looking at different kayaks compare the models in each of these categories. Look at their relative size, weight, cockpit size, capacity, materials and suggested retail price.
























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Canoe and Kayaks