Cruise Ship Terminology

Cruise Ship Terminology

Here is a selection of the most commonly used cruise ship terminology

ADJOINING CABINS: Cabins that are NEXT to one-another
AFT: Near, toward, or in the rear (stern) of the ship.
AIR/SEA: A package consisting of 2 forms of transportation: Air & Cruise.
ASTERN: Beyond the ships stern.

BEAM: Width of ship between the widest point of its two sides.
BERTH: The bed, or beds within the passengers cabin.
BOW: Front, or forward portion of the ship.
BULKHEAD: Upright partition (wall) dividing the ship into cabins, or compartments

CABIN: Room (stateroom) accommodations on a ship.
CATEGORY: Price gradient of similar cabins from the most expensive to the least expensive, or vice versa
CONNECTING CABINS : There is a door within the cabin that allows passengers to pass freely from one cabin to another


DEBARKATION: Exiting from the ship.
DECK PLAN: Overhead diagram illustrating cabin and public room locations in relation to each other.
DOCK: Pier.

EMBARKATION: Entering, or boarding the ship.
FIRST SITTING: Earlier of two meal times, usually around 6:15pm.
FORWARD: Toward the bow (front) of the ship
FREE PORT: A port free of customs duty and most customs regulation.

GANGWAY: The ramp by which passengers embark and disembark.
GRATUITIES: Passengers personal expression of thanks to the ships service personnel for services rendered (TIPS!)

GUARANTEE / GUAR: the cruise line is guaranteeing the "Rate" your reservation is confirmed at. At the time you book, you have NO cabin assignment. When the cabin is assigned, you must receive at least the cabin category you reserved, or better, at no additional cost.

INSIDE CABIN: A cabin with no window, or porthole.
LOWER BERTH: Bed of a cabin located on the floor.

MANIFEST: A list, or invoice of a ship's passengers & crew.
MIDSHIPS: In, or towards the middle of the ship.

OUTSIDE/OCEAN VIEW: A cabin having a porthole, or window, offering the passenger a view of the ocean.
PORT: The left side of the ship when facing toward the bow.
PORT CHARGE: Additional charges by passengers to help defer the docking fees charged by the host city/country.
PORTHOLE: A round window.


PORT-OF-CALL: A place on the cruise itinerary where the ship stops for visitation QUAD: A cabin that can accommodate 4 passengers
SECOND SITTING: Later of 2 meal times, usually around 8:00pm
SHORE EXCURSION: Sightseeing tours, or actives offered while at a port-of-call
SINGLE OCCUPANCY: A cabin occupied by one passenger
STARBOARD: The right side of the ship when facing forward toward the bow.
STATEROOM: Accommodations aboard ship
STERN: The extreme rear of the ship TENDER: A small vessel used to move passengers to and from the ship and shore when the ship is at anchor.

TRANSFERS: Transportation between the airport and the pier.
UPPER BED: The top (bunk) bed in a cabin configured with an upper & lower.






















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Cruise Ship Terminology