Dory Boats - Dory Boat - Dory Plans

Dory Boats - Dory Boat - Dory Plans

If you are into dory boats this dory plans book is for you

Learn everything you need to build your own Grand Banks Dory Boat

Not just details plans and instructions but detailed photographs showing you exactly how to build your own wooden dory boat

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Dory Plans Complete Step-By-Step Instructions

Your set of 16' Banker Dory boat building plans are a step-by-step set of instructions on how to build a world class Grand Banks Dory. Absolutely nothing is left out in the process of building your boat. We explain it ALL in easy to understand terms.

It starts by not only listing all of the necessary tools required, but also includes a picture of each tool. Then we list all of the materials needed for construction, and include digital pictures of each piece of material needed, as well as detailed descriptions and exact measurements for each. Wood, screws, tools, water sealant, everything is described in exact detail for you!

We will tell you in explicit detail how to make each cut and any problems that you need to look out for. We have built many many dories and know the process like the back of our hands.

  • We will show you how to setup your tools.
  • How to make each cut for minimum wastage.
  • Explain the right and wrong way to do something.
  • Where exactly to place your clamps.
  • Where exactly to set your screws.
  • How long you need to let something set before continuing.

We even provide recommended product numbers for any products you need to buy, like paint and marine caulking, to help you build your Grand Banks Dory Boat

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Dory Boats - Dory Boat - Dory Plans