Sailing And Boating Safety gear

Sailing And Boating Safety Gear

Safety Equipment you should be thinking about

Personal Gear - Life Jackets, tethers, strobes, harnesses, jacklines

Distress Signaling - EPIRB's, Flare Kits, PLB's

Medicine Cabinet - kits, wraps & cures

Vessel Storm Survival - sea anchors, drouges & rode

Man Overboard - Lifesling, Marker, Throw ring, whistle

Abandon Ship Bag Supplies - emergency equipment

Life Rafts - Switlik, Winslow, & Crewsaver; IBA

Damage Control - plugs, patches, cutters and more...

Sundry Items - reflective tape, lights, knives & containers

Radar Reflectors & Transponders - Mobri, Pains Wessex, Echomax, ACR, Davis

Watermakers - manual & power









































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Sailing And Boating Safety Gear