Water Skis - Water Skiing Equipment And Waterskis

Water Skis - Water Skiing Equipment and Waterskis

1. The basic water Ski principle is attitude, if you believe you can - you Will! Ski Happy . . . and Expect the Best!!!

Remember learning to ride a two wheel bicycle? The hardest part was getting started, the bicycle was all wobbly until you got going, then it was easy to steer. Same with water Skiing, it's wobbly until you get up on top of the water.

2. Safety first - at all times. Everyone wants to be cool, but an accident or injury really messes up everyone's good time. LEAVE ALCOHOL AT HOME!

3. Communication - hand signals work great 'cause it's hard to hear with lots of other boats and people around. When the rope is tight and you have control of the ski(s) shout "HIT IT" (not uh-huh, or go . . . go sounds a lot like no).
At our place we add a "please", 'cause after all you're asking the driver to do something FOR YOU. (Boat drivers LOVE to hear the please, they smile and give you a GREAT ride. Anyone who hears a "Hit it Please" knows you've been to KeNevA's , it has made its way round the world!)

Closed fist, thumbs up means faster.
Closed fist thumbs down means slower.
Hand flat, palm down, swishing back and forth means same speed.
Patting your head means back to the dock.
Making a slicing motion at your neck means KILL THE MOTOR NOW!
A smile means you're having fun, If the boat crew pinches the bottom of their nose, it means the skier should clean theirs

4. Basic starting ski position is the cannonball (like Kevin in Home Alone 2) tuck up as small as you can. Stay that way in the water, hands and handle around your legs. Remember it will be a little wobbly. When the rope is tight and you're balanced, shout "Hit It Please!". Stay tucked, the BOAT will pull you out of the water, do not try to do a pull up yourself.

Within a few seconds your skis will be on top of the water and all you need to do is stand up. Do so with straight arms, straight back and bent knees (ski position) You can practice this at home by stretching your arms out straight and lowering yourself into a chair - straight back, or oh brother will it be sore. Your bent knees absorb the shock and bounce of the waves.

5. You should be cruising along by now. If your knees are locked, it's like hitting a big rock when you're learning to ride your two wheeler. You might tip over, you might save it. If you get wobbly again, DO NOT yank the rope to save yourself. Otherwise you're going to have a whole bunch of rope above your head and you're going to fall on your bottom.

6. Oh well, you need to learn to stop anyway. If you get in trouble out there, just sit on the skis. Same thing when you're ready to stop, LET GO OF THE ROPE, and sit on the skis. You'll just glide for awhile before your skis sink beneath you. DO NOT SKI INTO THE DOCK, it could be a nasty accident that would ruin your day. Rather than try to look way cool and slam into the dock, just look cool with a smooth landing in the water away from the dock.

7. Stay behind the boat during turn arounds, you don't want to be the end of the crack the whip motion that's created, until you are ready and sure of yourself, you do want to learn to handle it but, safely. When you want to cross the wake, do it quickly, lean out, pulling evenly on the handle, lift one ski a little and out you'll go. When you're ready to come back in, first go out a little wider, then come in quickly. The wake's bigger than you think.

8. Good manners are important on and off the water. Under no circumstances should you ski close to fishers or swimmers or people on personal water craft. Too rude, and way too dangerous. Don't spray anyone either, skiers don't need the bad rep. We want the public to like us so we can SKI MORE! After your ski ride, always thank the boat driver and crew, remember you couldn't have done it without them:) Do not leave your equipment laying all about, keep it neat and tidy. Never, ever, ever leave garbage, cans, wrappers or cigarette butts anywhere. If you brought it, take it with you when you leave.















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Water Skis - Water Skiing Equipment and Waterskis